Current events

"The North East Coast Exhibition"

Tues 14 May 7.30pm

The 1929 North East Coast Exhibition was one of the grandest events ever hosted on Tyneside. Lasting from 14 May to 26 October it attracted more than 4 million visits, and it remains a fixture in the popular memory, with many families treasuring souvenirs of 1929 and the Palace of Arts still standing proud in Exhibition Park. John Griffiths argues that the Exhibition was a ‘successful failure’ – it gave pleasure to millions, but failed in its declared aim of stimulating the NE economy, though, since the Wall Street Crash took place just days before it closed, this may have been pure bad luck rather the exhibition itself being a flawed concept.

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"Newcastle's castle""

Tues 21 May 7.00pm

Newcastle has had a castle for centuries - today only the keep and the Black Gate remain. In this new talk (which replaces the one previously advertised) Richard Pears makes a welcome return to discuss the latest findings about the castle - what it looked like and how it was built - based on recent archaeological excavations..

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"Grand Performances"

Tues 28 May 7.00pm

How did Newcastle people have fun? Take a look at some of the cinemas, theatres and other performance spaces in the centre of town, many of which are long gone.  Hear the stories of the places in which we danced the night away, saw the latest bands or enjoyed films in some of the most iconic buildings in Newcastle and Gateshead. Talk by Pat Lowery.

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